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424Re: John Achen's doubt on M.M

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    Feb 25, 2002

      1. As far as I know, the name of the Church as recognised by the Supreme Court in its judgment dated 28.11.2001 is �MALANKARA SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH� and not Marthoma Syrian Church as you stated.Instead of using this name, through the initial notices published in news papers the Catholicos has mentioned (in the two annexures), their present group�s name (Orthodox Syrian Church).Again as far as I know, the Jacobites Syrian Church has pointed out this mistake in the complaints submitted to Court nominee, Malimatt in December.

      2. The Court has clearly asked Catholicose to issue the notice as �Mathews II by NAME��� ie; not to claim anything like Malankara Metropolitan etc before election, even though other interpretations also can be made according to the latest judgment issued by the Court.

      3. It was to overcome this difficulty and at the same time to satisfy his group, the Catholicose has used �M.M/A-7/2001� as reference in the last notice published in Manorama on 28th Dec 2001.In the court they can claim it as �Malankara Metropolitan�, �Marthoma Mathews� or �MalayalaManorama Catholicose�, as they like.This way they can interpret �M.M� as they wish (according the circumstances) in future.

      Another hidden tactics followed by this group for more than a centaury !!!

      "Fr. John Kunjukunju" wrote:

      I have a copy of the SC order. I do not know if it is authentic. The name of the church it reads, "Marthoma Syria Church". I asked if this version is correct in the form�but none responded.....
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