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4195New Coptic church a tribute to past and future

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Jan 4, 2004
      As Father Takla Azmy gives a brief guided tour through
      the cramped home of St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church
      n Lynnwood, he points to signs of a congregation grown
      far too large for its home.

      The baptismal font is housed in what can only be called
      a glorified closet. An add-on room has been built in the
      main area to hold more pews for the hundreds who come
      for Saturday evening prayers and three-hour Sunday

      It is a fine enough, if humble, church, formerly home
      to, he thinks, a Baptist congregation..................

      ..........Copts are Egyptian Christians who trace the
      beginnings of their church to St. Mark, the apostle
      believed to have brought Christianity to Egypt in the
      1st century.............The Coptic Church is considered
      part of the Oriental Orthodox Church.............

      ..........The project has cost $2 million to date, with
      total cost estimated at more than $5 million. The church
      has raised about $800,000 from congregants' contributions
      and the sale of another property it owned in Shoreline....

      ........In its old church, the congregation had to make
      many changes, including building an icon bearer at the
      front of the altar. "We converted it into an Orthodox
      church, but it didn't feel at any time really Orthodox.
      It wasn't ours," said Samia Salama, a member of
      St. Mary's. With the new church, "it will feel like home

      To read in detail please visit

      In His Love
      Thomas Daniel (Reji)
      St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
      Cheppaud, Alleppy (Dist), Kerala, India
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