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  • V Thomas
    Feb 19, 2002

      Dear All,
      Is impersonation/deception a sin,if it done even with good intention?
      Like a boy  who brings to the master a person from the street ,to escape punishment,
      saying it is  his father?Here this stranger impersontes the boys father.
      In this case this boy is at  greater mistake or the grown up person
      who has impersonated his father.?
      He has done with good intention.To save the boy from punishment?
      We are all familiar with  Satan coming to Eve in the form of a snake
      and pretending to be a friend and welwisher.God punishes both man and devil.
      Is there anywhere in bible , such an act is justified?
      In 1912,Ahatulla patriarch was brought to India by MM and Ougen bava
      to establish the catholicate.He was not the ruling patriarch.
      Is this also an act of impersonation.Who is at mistake?
      What is the opinion of forum memebrs.?
      There are many who pretends to be our welwishers and exhort that we shall
      attend the association at any cost.Is their act similar??
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