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  • Daniel Thomas
    Jan 23, 2001
      Dear Emil Mishriky,

      Let Our Lord's blessing with you

      As u assumed, we are one of the Oriental Orthodox Church. Our head is
      the Patriarch Of Antioch and all the east.

      There is no eastern orthodoxy in India so far.

      Regarding the schisms, one group within our church is trying to
      become an independent church under the Catholicos of East. This
      crated a very sad divisions and court cases by our brothers.

      We all Hope a day will come to end of this schisms. Please pray for

      Please also try to visit the following community and try to become a
      member of it.


      Be in touch with us

      In our Lord's Love

      Thomas Daniel

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@egroups.com, "Emil " <Emil@c...> wrote:

      > Thanks for welcoming me into the discussion group.
      > My name is Emil Mishriky and I'm a Copt. in the Coptic Orthodox
      > Diocese of Melbourne, living in Australia. I have joined this group
      > to learn more about the Indian Orthodox Church (Malankara), which
      > I've come to understand is a Church of the Syrian Orthodox
      > under H.H. Patriarch Mar Ignatious Zakka. If this is correct, then
      > am I safe in saying that the Indian Orthodox Church is an Oriental
      > Orthodox Church (Non-Chalcedonian) in faith? with the Coptic
      > of Alexandria.
      > Also, in the main page, it was mentioned that there are many
      > within the church. Why is this so?
      > Is there Eastern (Byzantine) Orthodoxy in India?
      > I guess this is a small start somewhere for me...
      > In Christ,
      > Emil, reader.
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