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377Re: [SOCM-FORUM] My concespt of unity:

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    Feb 14, 2002
      From the desk of:
      ( Vayaliparambil Pynadath ) BPM

      32/1981; NETAJI ROAD
      COCHIN-682 024


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      To Barethobero Mr.D Babu Paul,

      Dear Sir,

      In your concept of Unity, you have mentioned about Mor Gregorios
      of Alwaye, is he Mor Gregorios Vayaliparambil ?.Can you explain
      about the compromise he made in 1958 to etablish unity .What is
      so great about this act ? The established peace stood only for
      few years, during this time secratery of mor Gregorios
      (Mor Theophilos-kottayam)who became bishop after his death
      laid hands on all institutions established by Mor Gregorios,
      one being Mor.Athanasious High School in Nedumbassery and later
      joined Methran kashi.This is the main job of Metran Kashi,
      conquering 1 by 1 all churches of jacobites by hook, book or crook.

      jacobite Church is the most democratic church in the world,
      Mulanthuruthy Synod(organised by Mor Gregorios of Parumala declaring
      loyalty to Holy Throne of Antioch in 1876) and leaning cross event
      of 1653 are the best examples,we adopted democracy even before India
      became one.Hence those who want to leave syrian Church and establish
      new throne of Thomas should leave the church and should also leave
      the properties of Jacobites when they leave if they are Christians.

      I see this as a never ending conflict, like India-Pakistan conflict,
      like Pak terrorism,Methran Kashi uses Subversion.HH.Patriarch is a
      true christian when catholicose insist on HH title,Patriarch uses
      'Servant of Servants of the Lord" title.Patriarch wants peace in India,
      so he is always forgiving but each time he forgives he is deceived like
      Pakistan towards India.Let me quote Daniel Defoe

      Whenever God erects a place of worship
      Devil always builds a chapel there
      And on examination it will be found
      That latter has a greater congregation

      Do you mean to say that the Antiochian ties should
      exclusivly remain only for Simhasana churches and all
      other churches should be under Catholicose of Methran Kashi.
      Is not this a tacit policy ?

      Do you see threat of disintegration ,in this division ?
      Is it what happened to Thoziyur church as you say ?

      Do you say that 'majority is always right' ?

      I dont agree with you,Mr.Babu Paul. Some say we are under Syrians,
      so what we have given Syrian church of Antioch the right to do
      priestly service for us, they have shown their sincerity
      and love of Christ in this alliance by even dying for
      preservation of so called Indian Church, which better priest
      can we get than Judo-christian genuine Syrian prophets . HH.Patriarch
      is a true christian so many bishops are betraying him for power
      and wealth , Pope would never tolerate all this ,catholic church has
      time only to confess of sins.HH.Patriarch never asked for temporal
      power in malankara, it is genuine syrians who at their self free
      will accept Throne of St.Peter. Even mor Gregorios of Parumala named
      church as St.Peter's Church, this is not a small thing.

      Jacobite Church may split again, syriac prayer says God ' refine the
      church by removing unwanted elements' as true root of Judo christian
      tribe of Israel.Hence in the end genuine Jacobites may be small , Abraham
      the father of nations had only Issac has his true heir.

      What does the so called Indian Orthodox church has apart from inheriting
      prayers, faith , customs , Syriac, black dress from Throne of Antioch ?

      We dont have to feel inferiority complex,jealous with the Holy Throne
      of Antioch,Only the truth will make free, the truth few finds.
      Signed BPM
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