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35Fwd: Re: Let's tear down this 'Berlin Wall' ?

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Apr 2, 2001
      --- In IndianOrthodox@y..., OOMMEN KAPPIL <okappil@y...> wrote:

      Exciting to see open discussion on some of the real issues like the
      litigation. We have wasted enormous amount of money and collective
      energy on this loosing issue. To me, the disputes before the courts
      have nothing to do with questions on faith. Even if it was faith, the
      lawyers like Subramanian potti are not the people who must be
      resolving any matters of faith. By fighting in front of the public,
      what our leaders are engaged in amounts to washing dirty laundry in
      public. These fights have become so nasty that courts have to get
      involved even in disputes about the final rites on dead bodies! Yes,
      last year at Kottayam when one priest died, the family wanted to get
      one particular priest to do the final services but the official
      faction refused to let that happen! Finally the case appeared in
      front of the court! Let us stop insulting Christ with such foolish
      acts. We can do better and we have to do better now.

      We the members are not properly informed of the progress or lack of
      it. This has to change. There should be a Professional committee with
      legal and negotiating skills with specific goals and deadlines to
      work towards real settlement of all cases outside court. Any such
      cases in the future should be first negotiated by such a committee,
      rather than going straight to the court. Demand more accountability
      from the leaders including priests and Bishops. In the cases of
      administrative matters, changes have to start from the top to the
      bottom, not the other way. This includes retirement for Bishops
      including Bava Thirumeni. Let them continue the spiritual
      responsibilities as much as they can, but not the administrative
      responsibilities beyond the age of 70.

      Let's work with a spirit of love and tolerance so that we can get
      past this legal battles and concentrate on spiritual activities. Let
      us pray for the Holy Spirit to work through us for a quick resolution
      of all disputes.

      Oommen Kappil
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