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336Re: [SOCM-FORUM] Re: Association Meeting

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  • Thomas Issac
    Feb 7, 2002

      "To all those who wanted to read the truth"

      We don't beleive this Rev.Dr. K M George (a Catholicose faction spokesman) who is the principal of Kottayam Seminary.  His job is to praise the Patriarch in HH's presence (at Damascus) and when he returns he starts criticizing H.H and also tries to downgrade the universal Syrian Orthodox Church through many of their mouthpieces; if anyone have any doubt, please go through the periodicals published in the last few years from Devolokom Catholicate aramana. 

      Now in recent times,  to trap the Jacobite syrians, like many others in his Church, he too has given a superficial statement in a newspaper.  (His tactics is well known to the people of Kottayam).  But what we the Jacobite Syrians really wanted, is a written statement from the Catholiocse Mathews II regarding similar issues, which until now the Catholicose is reluctant to even respond.   When mediators like Oommen Chandy, (a Catholicose faction politician) contacted us, we the Jacobite Church, again and again requested for an amicable solution.   But the 'official' Catholicose faction's reply was that "we accept all these, but first you (Jacobites) participate in the election conducted by our Catholicose, after that we will consider....".  From this very statement of Catholicose faction leadership, it is very clear that they are not at all interested in real peace, but what their leadership wanted is just to trap the Jacobites Syrian Christians, just as they had done in 1950's, 60' & 70's.  Remember the Catholicos faction has send notices to every Simhasana Churches & E.A.E churches, all of which as per the Supreme Court order, is under the direct juridisction of the Patriarch of Antioch and are not at all included in the Malankara Association.  Are they(Catholicos faction) doing all these according to the Supreme Court order ?  Can anyone, ever rely the present Catholicose faction leadership? 

      About the meeting of Kottayam clergies with Catholicose Mathews II -  In reality, only 2 Priests met the Catholiocose at Devolokom, 2 others where there to support them and these four priests together requested the support of other clergies of the diocese.  Among the above said priests, one fellow is already a supporter of the Catholicose faction for the last few years.   Three more were were ready to accept the Catholicose, but only subject to certain conditions such as that, 'the Syrian Church as a whole must accept the Catholicose faction'. 

      But in the 'Diocesean Pothuyogam' (membership of 63 churches) held on 24th Januaray, the entire people strongly opposed these ideas of a very few clergies, so they (the above mentioned 7 clergies) have to drop the idea (Details are available at the diocesean headquareters).  After that every church has given a letter signed by the respective PARISH PRIESTS, addressed to the diocesean bishop His Grace Mor Thimotheous Thirumeni, the Catholicos designate H B Mor Dionysius Thomas and other responsible authorities, declaring that, under the present circumstances they are not at all willing to be trapped into the association organized for the Catholicose faction.   

      Thus in reality only two met the Catholicos, but when the news reached america, someone intentionally multipled it with 15.  Above all, the two priests who met the Catholiose, hadn't till now signed or submitted any papers to the Devolokom Catholicose. One among them owns a Church by himself, but he had already declared that under no circumstances, he will hand over the church to the Catholicos faction.

      This is the fact.  If anyone have any doubt about the authenticity of what we explained, you can check the signed papers submitted by the Priests & the churches to our Metropolitan, that are avaialable at the Cathedral Church,  Tel: No.564490.   We are forced to write all these, because at present, many are trying to demoralize the Jacobite Church through false informations published in many forums and their only intention is to trap the Jacobite Syrian Christians into the Catholicose faction's fold through false propaganda.  These types of tactics by the Catholicose faction leadership will continue until March 20th.  So be careful !!!


      Malankara Voice 



        "Fr. John Kunjukunju" wrote:

      To my knowledge Dr KM George, orthodox spokesman, declared that they are ready to accord deserving honor to Patriarch. I also heard that the same thing the catholicose gave in writing to about 30 Kottayam clergies who met him last month. Can you please verify that news? If it is correct it addresses our concerns, right? Love, Johnachan......
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