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3313Yet another deception?? -Thomas P

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  • Zachariah Minnu
    Oct 29, 2003
      Dear Thomas,

      The name of our church is Syrian Orthodox Church, as
      you very well know.There is a different church named
      Antiocian Orthodox Church which follows Chalcedon and
      so is in Communion in Greek Orthodox Church.

      So what is the point in dragging an agreement between
      The Greek Orthodox and Antiocian Orthodox to this

      IOC was born out of deception, the deception of 1912.
      So you will and can survive only through deception.

      There is nothing wrong in having discussions with
      Eastern Orthodox and the Byzantine churches. If they
      can come back from the turn they took in Chalcedon.

      You very well know that there are many "orthodox"
      churches which accept both Epesus and Chalcedon, both
      of which go counter in some aspects.

      Now regarding your argument on 'canon', i can only
      sympathise with you.

      If all cannons are derived from the apostolic
      'cannons' then why cant you follow the 'cannon' of the
      Syrian Orthodox Church??

      This cannon was in force in the malankara church for
      centuries, and was approved by the court.

      And why did you "find" out a 'cannon' all of a sudden
      in the twenties??

      Is it because that you found in this 'cannon' clauses
      by which you could discard HH the Patriarch??

      But as you very well know, as per your 'cannon' even
      bishops can concecrate the Holy Mooron.

      Why dont you allow your bishops to concecrate the

      Why it has to be the Catholica all the time
      concecrating the Mooron, when your own 'cannon'
      permits the bishops to do it??

      Probably Muvatupuzha Athanasious will do it in future.
      We know him better than you.