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3148Re: Orthodoxy and modernisation

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  • Varugese C J
    Sep 4, 2003
      My Dear SOC-FORUM Members,

      This refers to Mr. Thomas P's posting in Digest Nuamber 689,
      wherein he mentioned:

      > Now is the age of modernisation of church!Orthodoxy is not
      >a priority today.

      What do you mean about modernisation of church? Will it be on
      the beauty of the church building? If it is so, there is nothing
      to worry. And also "Orthodoxy is not a priority today"? Then,
      what should be our priority?

      In this modern age, in the name of modernization and freedom,
      children abandon their parents, forgetting the basic duties to
      the Church, society and at large towards the nation, and all such
      thamashas? They act without any moral values, and crazy over making
      money and other earthly pleasures. Are you in favour of such a mess up
      Mr. Thomas. Under the Orthodoxy of our Church, lot of such freedom
      is getting curtailed? Under this Orthodoxy one will have the fear of
      God and shyness over the people. You want to shred away this Orthodoxy.
      You may please look over the younger generation of the most modern and
      developed countries. They do not have fear of God, no binding on the
      society or not at all shy to do any ugly things in their life. Would
      you like you children to copy these culture?

      Dear Mr. Thomas, as commanded by our Saviour JESUS Christ, one cannot
      serve two masters. Likewise one cannot stand in two boats? It is you
      who has to select one? In the name of modernization and sticking to
      orthodoxy, our church is being harrassed not only by protestants, now
      our own members started questioning it. If one do not like the orthodoxy
      of the Syrion Orthodox Church, one has got every freedom to leave the
      church and look for green pastures, readily available very near to you.

      What is your understanding of Orthodoxy, Mr. Thomas? How can we shred
      the Orthodoxy of our Church? The Orthodoxy is our identity? In the
      name of modernization and freedom our church has been persecuted by
      scores of mighty people in the past, and still persecuting us? Will it
      be easy for us to shred away our Orthodoxy? Should we leave our Orthodoxy?
      Mr. Thomas, you should think twice before becoming an advocate of
      modernization and freedom.

      Looking forward to have valuable comments on this from our learned

      With prayers,
      CJ Varughese