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310Re: [SOCM-FORUM] Re: Association Meeting

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  • Fr. John Kunjukunju
    Feb 5 2:20 PM
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      I beg all to note that to me it seems the present problem is who shall hold the real estate. It has nothing to do with faith or history of church. I do agree, Parumala Thirumeni did go to court, and under given circumstances it is justified too. I honestly believe that Thirumeni did never encourage such a trend. Such situation does not exists today. None of the issues that Mr John Philip mentioned is now a point in litigation. Malankara Methran is not an ecclesiastical position but peculiar to Malankara alone. I still hold going to litigation, whoever does under whatever predicament is unbiblical and unchristian. Fr John KK.  
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      From: John Philip
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      Dear SOCM forum members,
      Rev Fr. KK John wrote, "Our attitude of insisting to define every bit of differences in the court is totally unacceptable view as a Christian".
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