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284History can be made.

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  • V Thomas
    Jan 31, 2002
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      Dear sir,
      (The following is in lightervein, mullahs,excuse.)
      Can truth exist in percentage?Can vitrue exist in percentage?
      We talk of Jesus christ,we say man with out sin.That is absolute-.100% sinless as God..Not that 99.9 percent sinless.
      But  among us all the above quality will come in percentage.We start with 50% truth-when it is repeated in MM
      it becomes  complete truth.
      Some times 20 % reliable matter will come in Calicut edition.It will come to EKm edition it reaches 50 % truth.
      It will take  a rebirth in Kottayam edition-100% truth-history is made.
      Take tamil edit of some kings or( old malyalam taliyola  or copper plate can be made).Make  faint word like simha.
      We can make  one  historian make a  reference  to this  in notes as simha may be simhasana.Next historian will quote
      the former and say simhasna was there.
      St  Thomas came to India-.An accepted fact by all Christains.We do not bother   wether it is legend,saying or history.
      He was killed at small hiilock near chennai.Now the palce is called st thomas mount,after him.Next Thomas is KanyoThoma
      when he came there was already christains  here.We have names like thoma,mathayi,kochumathai
      already,when .Portugese came.There was usage of  syriac and syrian rites.We are St Thomas christian with syrian rites.
      It is not known  anywhere about st Thomas throne those days.It is creation after 1912. 20% truth grew  and became 100% by repitions.
      Vattakunnathubava   through  his edayaleghanams with Patriarch cemented that.
      Now it is true that a 24 carat throne  is available at Devalokam Kottayam,with incriptions indicating it is established by St Thomas.!!!
      Some asked is there any thing like that in Syria-no chance.
      This throne is getting better than st Peters throne-becoming more than truth.
      We have a good marketing setup,commited hstorians and MM.
      The noted historian VCS has dug out some  documents  which  may expalin why St Peter made throne with wood while st Thomas preffered Gold.
      This is also  further established by the fact we Indians  have a natural affinity for God (including Bishops who bring God  from aboard and get caught
       at customs.)Also as a leader of disciples Peter  preffered wood . .(after all Jesus was carpenter by profession).Other disciples had options.
      As some body has wrtiien earlier we   were in the habit of bringing God not giving God.
      Hence his claim that we were giving God and money to syrian church may not be correct.We had a long drawn  court war  for 50 Puvarahns for decades in Kerala.
      Bishops like Eldo Bva,Mor Gregorious  etc came scrifing their life to keep us stead fast.
      Today, our historians  may prove they came for money (Gold hunt)
      RSS may require the help of these historians but not us.They also say what is not  good can be removed from history and face changes can always be made.
      Since St thomas first came to Kodugallur and was killed at Chennai,the Simhasanam had to be in one of these place.
      No traveloges say  he touched,Devalogam,Kottayam.
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