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2749Sad plight of Kundara church

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  • James John
    Jul 31, 2002
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      Dear Dr.Paul Samuel,

      Your work is excellent. The conventiotional argument of the IOC members
      to the true innocent God fearing members of the Syrian Orthodox church
      is 'there are no differences between IOC and Syrian Orthodox faith'.
      However, once they accept that argument, it is all down hill from there.
      They get trapped. Great personalities, and number of churches has fallen
      from this seemingly innocent argument.

      It will greately help pictures like this to expose these treacherous
      predators. There are many more church's trapped and ruined by the IOC
      across kerala. It will be a valuable service to the historians and to all
      christians around the world, if you could or anyone commission a documentary
      on these historic churches ruined by the self interests of the IOC christians.
      The turks and pagans ruined great churches in the middle east. But in modern
      kerala it is the IOC which is seeking the destruction of the holy places.

      If it is upto them, few years later, we will have pictures of Manarcadu,
      Kothamangalam, Mulanthuruthy, Kandanadu, Kariganchira along with Kundara. I
      understand IOC is seeking orders from the supreme court to close down these
      churches and the case is going to go on trial in August. IOC very well know
      that people in these churches does not want to be under them. Why can't they
      accept that fact and get on with their program? All what they can do is create
      a LAW and Order situation and close down these ICONS of christianity in Kerala.

      Before any more churches get into that plight, I propose you or anyone who has
      the resources create a documentary on the many ruins of the Syrian Orthodox
      churches, sufferred from the hands of the IOC.

      The SCCM-Forum members may have to fund such a project. I am willing to
      contribute to such a cause.

      James K. John
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