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2725Shunoyo message from H.G Thomas Mor Themotheos Metropolitan

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  • H.G Thomas Mor Themotheos Metropolitan
    Jul 30, 2003
      My dear SOCM Forum members,

      It is always nice to read the messages sent by many of you
      through this Forum.

      Now, I am indeed happy to send you this message when the
      Shunoyo lent is going to start on 1st August.

      This lent is very old and is in memory of St. Mary. It is
      interesting to see that in all the ancient Churches, this lent
      is observed. Apart from our Church, the Roman Catholic, the
      Byzantine Churches and several others observe this lent. That
      points to the fact that this has a common origin, going back
      to the times when all Churches were one.

      When the British thought of giving independence to India, they
      of course, in consultation with the Indian National Congress
      leaders, chose August 15 as the day of independence for the
      nation. In fact the day was chosen deliberately. This is the day
      of assumption of St. Mary.

      Now when we think of the lent, we see that it is a canonical lent,
      approved and granted down through the ancient Councils, commemorating
      the worldly departure of Mary. In the Church parlance or according to
      the fathers of the Church she has been called Theotokos which means
      Mother of God.

      Her departure from this world was witnessed by the Apostolic Church
      with full reverence, and the fifteen days lent began to be observed
      prior to that day of her assumption. St. Mary has a unique place in
      the Church. She is respected above all other Saints because her role
      in the redemption of the mankind is unique. Apart from Jesus Christ,
      her stature is top above all other Saints. Now when we move to the
      15 days lent, let us remember that her mediation is valuable to our
      mortal life. Her intercession is precious to our lives. As a person
      who passed through many tragedies in this world, her life is worth
      emulating, when we too come across difficult times.

      Humanity is always in search of models. The traditional protestant
      Churches (I mean the Lutherans, the Calvinists etc.) although do not
      pray to St. Mary, in modern times they value her role in the
      'Heilsgescicte', which means the history of healing or salvation.

      Even many thinkers in the Women's liberation find role model in
      Mary. This is a very fascinating aspect in the post-modern times.

      My scribbling has become lengthy. I think I must stop now without
      boring you further.

      May God Almighty bless you all through the intercession of St. Mary.

      Thomas Themotheos Metropolitan
      St. Joseph's Cathedral
      Sastri Road, Kottayam-1

      From the desk of moderators:
      We take this opportunity to thank our most respected Themotheos thirumeni
      for forwarding this message. We appreciate your interest in our forum. We
      are happy that about 1400 Jacobite Syrian christians from all over the
      world can share your message through our forum on this occation.

      Your spiritual sons in Jesus Christ
      (SOCM moderators)