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2619Jacobites not Orthodox

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  • Varugese C J
    Jun 9, 2003
      Dear Members,

      If you ask any IOC member, who is above 40-45 of age, what is written
      in their SSLC book the religion/caste : It's JACOBITE not Orthodox.
      The Jacobite belief was that much deep rooted in earlier days, even
      in the current days Orthodox members. Knowingly or unknowingly their
      parents put it as JACOBITE.

      A well planned hijacking of the poor JACOBITE members by the current or
      the earlier IOC leaders really made the difference between the JACOBITE
      and Orthodox, and they are successful in everything. First they changed,
      rather I would say CONVERTED their priests to Orthodox, and then slowly
      they imposed it on the poor layman, by distorting facts, chuch history
      and arguments of modern day thinking, that is INDEPENDENCE. They have
      forgotten one major teaching of our LORD JESUS CHRIST - to obey the
      authority. IF the MM of IOC cannot obey Head of his Parent Church- the
      Syrian Church, how his followers can obey him. Our LORD Himself submitted
      to the authority of Pilate and then crooked Priests of that day, thus
      shown a best example. The IOC leadership has really succeeded in corrupting
      the minds of poor, innocent people of the Jacobite tradition.

      With best wishes to all my FELOOW JACOBITES.
      Yours loving in Christ,
      Varughese CJ