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2593St.Peter's Parish in Chicago celebrates Silver Jubilee

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  • Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayi
    Jul 1, 2003
      H.B. Basalius Thomas 1 in Chicago

      H.B.Basalius Thomas 1 Catholicose of India arrived in Chicago
      on 28th June to be the chief celebrant at the 'Pentamass' offered
      on the occasion of the 25th anniversay of the first Malankara Syrian
      Orthodox Parish in Chicago.

      Members of all the five SOC parishes and friends from other parishes
      participated in the event. Their Graces Dr.Yuhanon Mor Phelexenos
      Metropolitan, Mor Coorelose Aprem Karim, Mor Ivanios Mathews and
      V.Rev.Aboona Dayaroyo Morris cocelebrated in the Pentamass.

      Rev.Fr.Skariah Thellappally and the members of the St.Peter's Parish
      deserve unreserved praises in the organisation of this three day Jubilee
      celebrations. Jubilee meeting was noteworthy by the presence of priests of
      the sister churches as well as leaders of the church and society.

      H. B. will celebrate holy Eucharist at the St.George Syrian Orthodox Parish
      on 6th July and will be here till next Wed.

      Those interested to attend the programmes next sunday may kindly contact
      Tel.847 599 7985 or 773 205 1822