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25550Remembering Mor Gregoriose Youhanna Ibrahim

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  • SOCM News Bureau
    Jun 5, 2014
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      Dear SOCM moderator, 

      today is the commemoration of Mor Jacob of Edessa (June 5th, 708+), the great Syriac Church Father. Personally, having the honor to work on his works for my MA and PhD dissertations! Today I am remembering my Church teacher and director: Mor Gregorios Youhanna Ibrahim, the kidnapped Metropolitan of Aleppo, whose dream to revive the spiritual life at Tal-Ada ancient monastery, encouraged me enthusiastically to devote my studies and spiritual mission for Mor Jacob of Edessa.... May the Lord return the kidnapped bishops (Mor Gregorios and Mor Bulos) back and bless the souls of all the martyrs by the prayers of Mor Jacob of Edessa!

      Please watch the video I have prepared for this day to pray for Mor Gregorios:


      In Christ,


      Ephrem (Aboud) ISHAC, Ph.D.
      Postdoctoral Fellow in Syriac Liturgical Theology (Syriac Anaphoras)
      University of Graz