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25502Marketing of Puthupally Pallyperunnal

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  • Joshy Paul
    May 9, 2014
      In recent times, every churches wanted to project its 'perunnal' is the largest occasion not only in the entire churches but in the history of the same church.  Earlier it was in the print media only, now it appears in electronic media also. However, there are also false claim  to attract more 'people and money' that  the church festival is a 'mahasambhavam' in the state of Kerala. . 
      The one is the recently held Puthupally Pally perunnal, of which the church and MOSC claimed that the vechoot (sadya) on May 7 was for two lacks people which was advertised in many news papers and  also in the Asinet News channel. But in the new paper report of May 8 showed that the vvechoot was for maximum 40000  People. To ascertain this anomaly just calculate the Manaorama report     (http://www.manoramaonline.com/cgi-bin/MMOnline.dll/portal/ep/malayalamContentView.do?contentId=16791215&tabId=9&BV_ID=@@@)

      As per the Manorama report 751 para rice was used for vechoot on May 7. One para rice is 10 nazhy rice, and one nazhi rice can be served for 4-5 people, so one para rice can be served for 50 people. If 751 para rice was used then the  total people who can be served is 751*50= 37550. That is 37 thousand and seven fifty people only, not two lakh people as claimed by Puthupally Church.

      This is the way MOSC claim that they are 25 lakh people church!

      Joshy Paul

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