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25209Malankara World Journal Issue 188, HE Yeldo Mor Titus Anniv. Special (Jan 4, 2014)

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  • Jacob Mathew
    Jan 3, 2014
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      Malankara World Journal Issue 188, HE Yeldo Mor Titus - 10th Anniversary of Ordination Special (Jan 4, 2014)

      The Malankara World Journal Issue 188 (Jan 4, 2014) is available online at:

      TABLE OF CONTENTS Issue No: 188
      HE Yeldo Mor Titus - 10th Anniversary of Ordination Special

      1. Foreword: Thank You Theethose Thirumeni by Dr. Jacob Mathew

      Our bishops and priests are not superhumans. They are ordinary people selected to do an extraordinary job for God. Bishop Chaput continues:

      "Priests often serve without complaint and often without much praise or affirmation. No bishop can do his ministry without the friendship and support of his brother priests. It's a blessing to serve with them. And the Church's work here would be impossible without their leadership and love."

      Our bishops and our priests serve with unconditional passion against enormous odds. We never thank them. We take them for granted. Once in a while we need to recognize that they are human beings and it is important that we tell them "thank you" for what they have done. Yes, no one is perfect. The only perfect person was Jesus Christ. ...

      2. Theethose Thirumeni - Timeline and Photos

      A look back ...

      3. Featured: Sacrament of the Holy Priesthood by HH  Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, Patriarch

      The priests and bishops in their different ranks are set apart by God from among the faithful to go before the people and offer sacrifices for the remission of their own sins as well as the sins of the people. The Lord God thus bestows upon them the grace of carrying the mission of the priesthood and hence obtain divine power exclusive to those who are selected for this high honor with all its spiritual rights and privileges and related duties and burdens. ...

      4. His Eminence Yeldho Mor Titus - A True Shepherd By Mathew Thomas Edathara Corepiscopos

      H.E. Mor Yeldho Titus epitomizes a true shepherd who has given his life for his flocks, the faithful people of the Malankara Archdiocese of North America. ...St. Francis of Assisi once said, "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." Thank you Thirumeni for accomplishing, by the Grace of God, what we once thought was humanly impossible.

      5. Let's celebrate the 10th consecration anniversary of Mor Theethose Yeldho by Deacon Dr Renjan Mathew

      Under his eminent spiritual leadership the diocese has achieved many significant milestones in its organizational growth. He was instrumental in binding the churches and congregations of the Jacobite faith scattered across US and Canada. His attempts to initiate, implement and integrate the systematic functioning of churches and the diocese were remarkable. Despite several stumbling blocks, he was persistent in his faith, traditions and obligations to his master, the Almighty God. People remember him as a simple yet fully dedicated servant of God. ...

      6. Theethose Thirumeni - Chosen to Serve by Very Rev. Abraham O. Kadavil Corepiscopos

      When we look back last ten years, we can only feel a sense of fulfillment in our hearts for the growth we have seen in the Archdiocese. During this period, the Archdiocese faced certain negative and hostile elements. Thirumeni demonstrated the ability to work in such situation with firmness and with his loyalty to the Throne of Antioch. The Archdiocesan Council was able to support His Eminence with one voice in dealing with all the issues that were threatening the solidarity of the Archdiocese. The clergy in the Archdiocese experienced the Archbishop as a caring person with humility. ...

      7. A Humble Salute to my Spiritual Father by Fr. Paul. C. Thotakat

      When speaking of challenges that our Archbishop and Archdiocese faced in the recent years, this is when I really acknowledged Thirumeni's ability to stay calm in the storm through his prayerful life. This was very apparent when I was given the blessed opportunity to accompany him for the Patriarchiate Visit to the land of Syria as part of the Archdiocesan delegation. Thirumeni took the role of a loving host and a knowledgeable guide. During the meetings with our Patriarch, His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas , I was able to witness the respect and confidence H.H. has in this young prelate. That was a, once in a lifetime opportunity, I will never forget. ...

      8. Poem: Here is to the Tenth Anniversary by Sunitha Flowerhill

      A poem written for the special occasion of Theethose thirumeni's 10th ordination anniversary.

      9. After a Blessed 10 Years, May Many More To Come! By Rev. Fr. Zacharia Varghese, MD, MPH

      Our Church in North America deserves to celebrate this present milestone. H.E. Mor Teethose Yeldho has served our Archdiocese as Archbishop and Patriarchal Vicar for 10 years. Through all the tremendous changes we have sojourned through, we find an Archbishop that has fully come into his own, with a Church reinvigorated to face the many challenges ahead. ...

      10. Memories with my Spiritual Father by Dn. Martin Babu

      When talking about His Eminence Mor Theethose Yeldho, there are not enough words and time in the world to describe Thirumeni. I have known Thirumeni ever since he was Dayroyo (Rambachen) and had several occasions where I served in the altar with him. In January 2004 he was consecrated as the Archbishop of this blessed Archdiocese. After hearing about Thirumeni’s life and his dedication to the church and how, since his childhood, he had been with the great teacher Mor Athanasius Paulose Kadavil, many of the youngsters, including myself, were inspired to join in the ministry and serve the church after hearing from Thirumeni about his vision for our diocese. ...

      11. My Impressions of Theethose Thirumeni by Philip Scaria

      Though not very complex, I feel our Thirumeni is a person with qualities. Some of the virtues and traits of his personality, I thought, were unique if they were to be compared to some other Thirumenis' of our Church. Noticeable among those is his "non-craziness" for money. An Archbishop who considers everything he earns belongs to the archdiocese and does not keep a separate account is a person of qualities. His openness at every issue in a discussion makes him not only transparent but also impressive. Be it good or bad, I noticed him wanting to recognize and reward everyone. ...

      12. Ten Years with our Wonderful Shepherd by by Commander Babu Vadakedath

      His eminence is a caring person, a wonderful leader, God fearing Archbishop, a true Monk and a true follower of our Lord. As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Thirumeni’s Consecration as Archbishop of this blessed Archdiocese, I am praying to God to keep our Thirumeni happy and healthy and to give him long life and provide him strength and courage to go forward in his ministry in this Archdiocese. ...

      13. Rank of Bishop in Coptic Orthodox Church

      What are the qualifications and what are the responsibilities of a Bishop in Orthodox Church? In short, a bishop has the perfection of priesthood and leadership of priesthood. That is a tall order! Read the description of the bishop in Coptic Church to get an idea. ...

      14. Seven Reasons To Be a Priest

      When we think of an Orthodox Priest, the first thing we think of is conducting Holy Qurbono. Then we think of other sacraments such as baptism, wedding, burial, etc. But a priest has more responsibilities than that. Church administration? Yes, and more. Read on. ...

      15. Family Special: Royal Priesthood by George Aramath

      Essentially, the church starts in the home. Only when we have priests in our 'little house churches' do we have priests in our bigger churches. Parents are called to train their children to become a part of the baptized royal priesthood. It then becomes the bishop's and congregation's responsibility to make sure that from this royal priesthood, select number of properly trained and prepared individuals are chosen to the last order of priesthood. ...

      16. Churchill's 5 Leadership Lessons for Clergy and Pastors

      Ministry feels a lot like war sometimes, and Churchill played a major role in the two biggest conflicts this world has ever seen. The clergy can identify with the ups and downs of Churchill's career. His quips inspire them. And his triumphs and tragedies can even teach us a thing or two (or five) about leadership. ...

      17. The Imperfect Church and Perfect Savior

      Many people come to church and say, "Yes, I'm hungry for Jesus." But they look around and find chips on the wall and chips in the lives of people. They find all sorts of things to criticize. But real hunger for the Word and for fellowship with others will look past those imperfections and see what's perfect about the church: Jesus. The church has flaws. There's not a church in the world that is perfect. Yet, we serve a perfect Savior. ...

      18. About Malankara World


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