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  • Cherian Jacob
    Oct 17, 2013
      Hello Everyone

      I am really glad to inform you that we have completed the recording of Apocrypha section of the malayalam version peshito bible "Vishudha grandham". You can now listen complete malayalam bible (published by bible society of India) and Apocrypha section from "vishudha grandham".

      I started this project to provide comfort to my dad when he suffered  spinal injury and bed ridden for 8.5 years and now living in his eternal place with his father in heaven. Since my original intention was to support my dad, I recorded the bible the way my dad would like to hear.

      A total of 1326 chapters (Old testament, New testament and Apocrypha) more than 300+ hours of recording. It may not look perfect, since it is not recorded in a recording studio, but we wanted to bring the natural experience to the listeners. Finding free and quiet time was one of the challenge i faced, but knowing my time is running out in this planet, made me to give up those excuses and create the quiet time possible, for the people who eventually benefit of this work.

      You are free to download and distribute the recording as long as no one is selling the content for any monitory benefit.

      Thank you everyone for your wholehearted support. 

      OLD Testament :
      NEW Testament : 
      Apocrypha :


      Cherian Jacob