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  • Babu Varughese
    Oct 7, 2013
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      Dear all,
      Mr. Mathew pointed out a Biblical truth. Church is not building and mamon. It is us. MOC try to capture buildings and other things because they know it will be good for them. It will bring money to their treasury. Many who have sentimental attachment to the Church buildings will join them. This happens because of the ignorance about true christianity.
      I ask all the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox to be firm in your faith.
      Once Satan told our Lord Jesus all these belonged to him. He said it to the creator God. Likewise, with the help of world some people say our Churches are in their authority.
      They don't accept Moran Ignatius. What If they had come back to Moran? We would very happily embrace them as a part of our heart. Instead, they do all these to us. Let us pray for these brethren turned enemies who have sold themselves to Satan already.
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