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25069RE: Kolenchery Update

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  • mathaithebanker
    Oct 6, 2013
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      I  remember when our Catholicos was the Thomas  achen and was the organising secretary of the medical mission staying in a hut in front of the construction site of the medical mission running for completing the project. I used to visit him as a student of St.Peters College Kollencherry and enjoyed with him the kanji and cherupayer he used to share with others. The project was completed with his support. The big medical  mission hospital came in to existance. We know the majority members of Kollenchery church belongs to Jacobite faction but the minority is deciding the fate of the church. Don't  worry about the stone and wood with which the church is build. worry about the members with the real church is made. A building can be made in no time. the big churches in England is made to shopping complexes and bars since there is no members to attend. Our church will remain with our faith. Do not worry about the wealth.  

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             Prayer Time For Jacobite Syrian Church

      04 OCT 2013;
      23:55 Hrs

      Today was a gloomy one for the Jacobite Syrian Church as the honourable Kerala High Court rejected our appeal regarding the St. Peter's & St. Paul's Jacobite Syrian Church, Kolenchery. Thousands of faithful belonging to the Jacobite Syrian Church are thronging to Kolenchery, since noon. Church Trustee Thampu George is leading them along with Metropolitans H.G. Athanasius Alias and Yausebius Kuriakose. 

      Adding to our woes was the sudden illness of Bava , who was hospitalized early this morning due to breathing trouble and fever. Since noon the Orthodox faction had been rejoicing claiming that the High Court has awarded the church to them. But it is learnt  that what they have got from the HC is actually a 'decree' (Just the operative part of the judgement). It only indicates that the appeal is rejected. It does not rule that the Orthodox faction can open the church straightway, for which they should file an execution petition.

      The Orthodox Catholicose and companions are camping in the Catholicate Centre since afternoon. Presently, a few Orthodox people are camping inside the Kolenchery Church and the Jacobite faithful outside the church. Numerous policemen are also camping at the premises. These are the moments when we really realize the value of our precious gem- Dr. Baselious Thomas-I Bava, the Jacob Burdano of Malankara. 

      It is very much painful to realize that, if no miracles are happening, tomorrow morning will not be ours.

      Let's Remain In Prayers,

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