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    Aug 8, 2013
      our debts and sins as we forgive our debtors

      Please note that the wording is not trespassing or trespassers.
      Debt vs. Sin
      Debt is against man and sin is against God. In both cases the we distance
      ourselves from the other person or God as the case may be. It is a violation
      that caused hurt in a relationship of love. When we sin God is hurt. We are the
      maiden of God’s eye.
      Maiden of the eye?
      When we get very close to the eye of a person we see our own image in their
      eyes. This is the maiden of the eye. Gods seeks His image in our eyes. When a
      bride does adultery, this relationship of love is hurt, exact same thing
      happens with the divine bridegroom.
      We learned that the body of the Savior was scattered on the cross for all
      humanity. We are all partakers of that body through which we have
      reconciliation with God the Father. Jesus is our oldest brother, older brother
      of Adam. Hence all humans are our brothers and we are one body the church. The
      resurrected Jesus gave only one commandment. Love each other.
      Forgiving Debtors
      This is a measure of  Christianity. This
      is a self test. Our ability to forgive depends on the Christ within us. The
      baseline is “awanodu thullyam namawan nammepole awanai”. He became man so man
      returns to His image which we lost in the paradise. People sometimes get
      confused with forgiving and the inability to defend. We need to be strong and
      courageous to forgive. Keeping a blind eye to injustice is not forgiving. We
      keep that blind eye for our own self advancement and not for ultimate peace. We
      see this LGS (looking good syndrome) all around us. This is sin in itself.
      Gandhiji was once asked by a reporter, what he would do if he finds a woman
      being attacked by a man. His immediate reply was that he would beat that
      monster to death.
      Our guideline for the theme is Isaiah 58:6-7. We should fight for peace. The
      substance is that we should not keep any hate towards that individual to
      nourish our ego, but fight his behavior and agendas for the advancement of
      others and the world at large so God’s name is hallowed.
      1. John the Baptist’s commends on the adulterous Queen, though it cost his
      2. Nathan told David on his face that he was in sin.
      3. Jesus called Herod a Jackal.
      4. Paul called the High Priest Hannah a painted wall.
      So; then what should we do? Jesus answered it through Mathew 5: 38-48. If some
      one takes your tunic, give him the cloak too. If someone slap you on your right
      cheek, show him the other; love YOUR enemy etc.
      But we need to wage war for peace. Fight for the meek and widowed. Forgive all
      who caused you pain. Take the suffering of our savior in to you so that we
      suffer for the glory of God and be spotless mirrors reflecting the love on the
      Dn. Monsy Manimalethu Jacob