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24993Pray for Our Coptic Brethren

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  • SOCM News Bureau
    Aug 16, 2013
    Pray for Our Coptic Brethren

    The persecution of Egypt’s age-old Coptic Christian community has been an ongoing concern for several years now, but it has reached horrifying
    levels in the past few weeks, following the fall of Egypt’s government.

    Coptic churches are being looted and set aflame. A priest, Fr. Mina
    Cheroubim, was shot dead in front of his church, and Copts—including
    women and children—have been savagely beaten, abducted, and killed.
    Their homes, businesses, and churches are covered with threatening,
    hate-filled graffiti—a fate that has extended to some Armenian edifices
    as well.

    The stories of suffering are too unsettling to relate; but they are all-too-familiar to Armenian and Syriac Christians. It is painful to think that the vicious acts of persecution we still vividly remember, a century after the Armenian Genocide, are being re-enacted today, against the Copts. Our three churches have always been closely related in our theology and antiquity—and in our experience of persecution, both historical as well as contemporary, as the Armenians and Syriacs of Syria can well attest.

    Photo: Anti-Christian graffiti on Egypt’s Armenian Catholic Patriarchate.
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