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24976St.Pauls prayer fellowship on line prayer.

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  • Jose Daniel
    Aug 11 7:29 PM
    St. Paul’s Prayer fellowship online prayer
    Under the arch diocese of the Syrian orthodox church in north America.
    Weekly evening prayer service runs by St. Paul’s prayer Fellowship, an organization of Malankara Arch diocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church

    Online prayer fellowship program is an evening prayer worship service and gospel message through the free conference call. You are welcomed to join on every Tuesday evening at. 7pm. to 8pm. Please use the Evening prayer service (Pampakuda namaskaram) published by MSOT Seminary,

    Dial in 605 781 1000 access code 362788 #, 1

    Prayer lead by Very Rev. Varkey Mundackal cor Episcopa, and Rev.Fr. Viju Abraham, vice president. St. Paul’s prayer fellowship

    Aug. 6. 2013.
    Feast of Transfiguration. ( Moronoyo)
    Soonoyo Lent Aug. 10-15 Sat-Thursday.

    Opening song: Mr. John Thomas.

    Old Test. Reading: Exodus. 9:27-35.
    New Test. Reading: Luk.6:40-49
    Psalms: Own choice.
    Kauma Prayer: Very. Rev. Varkey MUNDACKAL COR EPISCOPA
    St. Mary’s Litany.
    Prayer for sick and needy:
    Benendiction: Very Rev.Varkey Mundackal Corepiscopa.

    Thank You

    Rev. Fr. Jose Daniel Paitel
    Phone # (215) 464-9112
    Cell # (267) 438-2123