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24953Re: Vestments of Arch-Episcopa

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  • Babu Varughese
    Jul 31, 2013
      Dear All,
      Just ignore the gestures and tricky and mocking questions of those who want to belittle the Church. Church is here and has been in this temporal world in all these centuries and will be here in coming centuries also as God guides it. It is the Church who decided the various priestly positions and vestments. These dress codes and positions are not purely of the Holy Apostles but developed from them. But, these are come into this form through all these Centuries in the guidance of Holy Spirit. Here, Holy Spirit works here through Holy Fathers.  Moran is an Apostle. Other Metropolitans too are Apostles. If Moran or Aboon Cathlicose or the Holy Synod decides something, it is just like the decision of Saint Peter or the Jerusalem Synod. That is the decision of the Church too. And, it is by the Holy Spirit. Only enemies and people with bad spirit will ridicule it. Decorating Very Rev Malankara Malpan with Arch Cor-Episcofo is 1000% right in God. So, in the name of God, do not become yourself a man who has got himself placed with the group of those who fell into darkness.
      Kindly note, a former Konattu Malpan was decorated with the Mudithoppy of Metran decades ago in  order to get him support Metran against the Holy Patriarch. Certain Cor-Episcofo in the other faction decorated with Amasavady and Sleeba. I still do remember his photo came printed in Malayala Manorama years ago. He belonged to TVM, and had more than one Doctorate. I forgot details. 
      God Bless
      Fr. Geevarughese Pathinalparayil
      Kottayam Diocese
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