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24943Reciting of the Nincene Creed = Viswasapramanam

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  • Vatachal Thomas John
    Jul 26, 2013
      I have been against the reciting of the Creed by the congregation eventhough the other churches in India and the SOC in the Middle East do so.  For, I thought it is better for the faithful to meditate fully on every word in the Creed when a person alone is to recite the creed.

      From yesterday 25th July 2013 onwards, I feel that the JSC also encourage the recitation of the Creed by the entire congregation with the exception of the priest celebrating the Holy Qurbono who is otherwise engagaed in interceding on behalf of the faithful who have given their names.

      The reason is explained below:-

      The person who recited the Creed yesterday for and on behalf of the congregation which included a corepicopo and six priests and  a good number of lay-people which included myself (some of the lay people belonged to the IOC ) devoured not les than 10 % of the words  in the creed. (Vaakkukal vizhungikkalanju) Again for him God is sathyamulla daivam eventhough we know that the He is Aaloho Sareero = True God.= Sathya Daivam. Again according to him our Lord SARI AAYITHEERNU instead of SAREERI AAYITHEERNU. He did not utter the word "Croosikkappetu = Esthleb = was crucified even though the Qurbaanakramam was in his hands  Perhaps he thought that kashtamanubhavichu is inclusive of crucifixtion. Also If the congregation was to join in the reciting of the Creed, these shortcomings and maxima culpa would not have been known to the public.

      Incidently I may submit that if we are to say that marichu adakkappettu moonnaam divasam uyrthezhune-ttu swrgathile-kku kare-ri it would mean that on the third day our Lord rose to  ascend to Heaven even though we are aware He ascended to Heaven on the fortieth day. So my submission is that we should say moonaam divasam uyarthezhunalkukayum / uyarthezhune-ttavanum instead of moonnam divasam uyarthezhune-ttu   swargathile-kku kare-ri.

      With  apology I may say that my transliteration of Malayalam words may not be correct with the result that  the hon'ble readers of the SOCM Journal may find it difficult to read those Malayalam words correctly.

      With respectful regards
      V T John 
      ID 3085