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  • Mathai P.E.
    Jul 18, 2013
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      Dear Group Members,

      Biblical interpreters and preachers have discussed this portion of the Bible many times and shared their school of thoughts to convince the greatness of Christ. To my mind more than a miracle I see it as a message given by  Christ to his disciples  and his followers to take care of the people around them.  

      Our church is conveniently forgetting this message. Our Parishes are very active on Sundays. Priests are very active to conduct the 'Koodass'  for the Parishioners. Whether we are going beyond that ? Here is the relevance of  the message given by Christ through this portion of the Bible.

      We have a number  members in our church who are not getting proper education due to the non availability of  guidance and support including financial support. There are people around us who are not getting sufficient  medical care. There are people around us who are not having a dwelling place. There  are families around us who are suffering since the male members are drug addicts or alcoholic.

      Are we not silent on these issues for the last few decades ?.

      Yes our focus was different. We have to change. The church should take the initiative. There are workable models introduced by other churches with the participation of members only in the form of NGOs.It can be Parish specific, diocese specific or Church specific. In my banking career I have come across many such successful NGOs run by different churches through out India.

      Let us  spread the message conveyed by Christ through this portion of Bible that 'take care of the people around us'. 

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