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24918What would Jesus drive?

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  • Abraham Eapen
    Jul 6, 2013
      A very refreshing word of wisdom from Pope Francis.

      Not sure how the "Christians" among us would receive his wisdom, to channel  the concerns of a real Christian to what Christ would have done.

      What would Jesus drive? Pope tells priests to buy "humble" cars

      Granted, we are all fallen and frail - but if we the don't make an attempt to take our own pulse, to see how the world around us sees our actions and our way of life, can we ever preach the message of Christ in earnest and win our lost brethren ?

      Is materialism creeping into the Orthodox churches which drew its energy from the prayer life of the shepherds who gave so much importance to monastic life ? 
      May God give His wisdom to the shepherds of the church to lead its folks to His pasture.

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