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24863Mary Magdalene was not a sinner

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  • Vatachal Thomas John
    Jun 9, 2013
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      I am obliged to refer to the solitary message in the SOCM Digest No.4329 dated 7.6.2013 as also the response thereto  in the Digest No. 4331 dated  9  ..6..2013  and beg to submit as follows:-

      Mary Magdelen WAS NOT ATALL A SINNER. The biblical references to Mary Magdelene are the following.

      Mt.27:56 & 61; Mt. 28:1; Mk. 15: 40 & 47; Mk. 16:1 & 9;Lk.8:2;Lk.24:10; Jn. 19:25  and Jn. 20:1-18

      Nowhere it is mentioned that she was a sinner. Our Lord Yesu M'seeho cast out from her seven demons
      (Mk 16:9 & Lk.8:2) and since then she was an ardent follower of our Lord. The Malayalam Poet  Vallathol Narayana Menon who wrote the Khandakavyam "Magdelna Mariyam" WRONGLY called  the sinner women mentioned in Lk.8: 36-50 by the name Mary Magdalene and unwittingly we Christians are making Mary Magdalene a sinner ON THE  AUTHORITY OF the Khanda Kavyam without referring to what  the Holy Bible says. It is  really a sin to say that Mary Magdalene was a sinner and I would suggest that our Seminary should teach the students to guard against such sinful mistakes. 

      Now,  I may refer to food habits of St John the Baptist. The Syriac Bible and its Malayalam translation by our Arch Malfono say that the Holy Man ate KAMSA which is, perhaps eatable in the same way as we eat raw radish and  carrot.( Arrow root is koova in Malayalam which is not eatable; the starch of  arrow root = koovappodi alone is eatable) It is wrong to say that the Baptist ate locust ( vettukkili ). In this context I may refer to Lev 11:22 and submit that for the Israelites some insects viz., locusts, crickets and grasshoppers were eatable eventhough we are now unable to believe that the Israelites ate these insects.at any point of time in the long  history of the Israelites whom we now call Jews

      V T John  
      ID 3085