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24824Press Release: NCC India

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  • Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil
    May 23, 2013
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      One month on the abduction of our two Archbishops

      One month lapsed and we are still living the nightmare of the abduction
      whereabouts our two Archbishops Mar Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim
      Metropolitan of the
      Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Aleppo, and Boulos Yazaji Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Aleppo, were kidnapped on the 22nd of April
      2013. An unknown group has abducted them without claiming its
      responsibility until now, neither announcing the reasons for the
      abduction nor knowing
      their place.

      the Syriac and the Greek
      Orthodox Archdioceses of Aleppo and in coordination with our two
      Patriarchates in Damascus, express day after day our sadness and
      increasing pain
      about the abduction and the absence of these two eminent Prelates, and
      to what they represent in terms of their holiness, their local and
      international rank, their active role on all levels including the
      spiritual, the thoughts, the academic, the education and the social; but
      above all
      the humanitarian work which they were carrying within the current crisis
      which is engulfing our country Syria.

      and after one month of
      abduction, and despite all the prayers and the supplications in the
      local churches and worldwide; as well as the calls, the statements and
      the efforts
      from the Christian and Muslim organizations in the world and the
      international community, we renew our request for the abductees to
      revise their
      action, fear God, and release the two Archbishops without hurting their
      health or physical situation; and release all other abducted priests and
      innocent civilians. One month in abduction is more than enough for the
      two Archbishops. As it is painful for them in their abduction, it is
      painful for all the faithful of their two communities, the people of
      Syria and the world. The continuous abduction of the two Archbishops is
      the structure of Syria in its diverse components and its long history of
      coexistence and citizenship. Such a catastrophe will be remembered and
      recorded in history, likewise the devastating and the grieve of Syria.
      Such acts will not terrify us because we are the sons of the
      “Resurrection”. We trust that the mercy of the one God whom we all
      believe in, will guide the abductees and induce them to release the
      Archbishops without any pre-conditions, because there is no price equals
      the freedom of the two Archbishops, and no condition equals their safe
      to their communities and churches.
      We renew our supplication and continue
      our prayers with solemnity to our God for the release of the Archbishops, the priests and all those who are in abduction.