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24795Re: What is the use of 'Cathedral' status to Churches??

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  • Cherian Jacob
    May 14, 2013
      Dear Mr. Titus

      You brought a very important point we all are facing "Identity". We all are
      designed and trapped in our identity. Identity is the seed devil placed in
      everyone, so that he can keep the control on any human being. All the
      fights happening around the world is only for validating or invalidating
      someone's identity. If we start recognizing the artificial identity mask we
      all are wearing, world will become a better place to live. Somehow now my
      dentity is triggering me to response to this blog. Someone else identiy
      will find a reason and justification for and against my view and your view.
      It is funny, and sometimes crazy!

      We are fighting for years between our churches for our "Faith" or

      Did our fight in all these years add any positive impact to our society? We
      can allways find a reason for fight, finally devil only wanted to keep this
      fight going on for ever.

      Is this the right time to start recognizing that there is no future for our
      generation if we continue our life like this? Is it worth giving your life
      for a cause where a generation can count on? Today we have so many bishops,
      but who will be remembered for their actions that they made a difference
      for our society?

      We run our "Prestige" identity most of the time, so even if you don't have
      a place to worship, "Prestige" identity need a cathedral name to be added
      to it's surname. Here it is a "group identity".

      Tear of all these masks, and live like a human being and a community who
      stand for their fellow human being.

      Did my identiy kicked you off from reading this post?

      Have a blessed week

      Thanks & Regards
      Cherian Jacob

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