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24793Our Daily Bread: Seasons of Life

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  • Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil
    May 12, 2013
      READ: Luke 2:6-7,25-35

      "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.� Ecclesiastes 3:1

      When I was a pastor, I served many women who were moms. I called on them in
      the hospital and rejoiced with them for their precious babies who had
      come into the world. I counseled with anxious mothers and tried to
      assure them that God was watching over their rebellious teenagers. I
      stood with mothers at the bedside of injured or ill children and felt
      their pain. And I cried with them in their grief when their son or
      daughter died.
      Mary, the mother of Jesus, also experienced times of joy and sorrow. What joy she must have felt when the Christ-child was born! (Luke 2:7). What
      excitement when the shepherds and later the wise men came to worship Him (vv.8-20; Matt. 2:1-12). What uneasiness when Simeon prophesied that a
      sword would pierce her soul (Luke 2:35). And what heart-wrenching grief
      as Mary watched her Son dying on the cross! (John 19:25-30). But her
      seasons of being a mother didn’t end with that terrible scene. She
      rejoiced that He rose from the grave.
      Mothers, and all of us for that matter, experience many great joys and intense
      sorrows. But when we submit our lives to the Lord, every season of life
      can serve His eternal purposes.� Herb Vander Lugt
      Thank You, Lord, for motherhood
      With all its vale of tears,
      For happy moments never dimmed
      Through all the many years.� Strecker
      Being a mom is a sacred partnership with God.