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24660Matrimonial Digest / 0346-2013

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  • SOCM News Bureau
    Mar 12, 2013
      Matrimonial Digest / 0346-2013

      Dear Members,
      We do not take or assume any responsibility for the particulars
      given by the advertiser. Concerned parties are encouraged to
      verify the particulars. As per the request of some advertisers we
      withheld the contact details and will forward any reply to the
      advertiser for further personal contact. Further correspondence to be
      done with the E-Mail address / Phone Number given against each

      Please read the successful stories of the matrimonial advertisement
      in the SOCM forum at
      Matrimonial; Code # 234/12
      Marthomite parents from central Travancore, holding US permanent residency, invites proposals for their daughter, born and brought up in Kerala. She is 25 years old, 164 cms height and good looking. She had her engineering B Tech degree from India and completed her MS engineering degree from US. She is a Green card holder, currently works and lives in New York. She is very homely, God fearing, active in church and community. Her elder sister is married and settled in Bangalore. Her parents are looking for a Syrian Christian young man of 26-30 years old, well educated and employed, who enjoys eastern and western cultures, loves family and friends, and of compatible background. Preference will be given for well employed Syrian boys living in US on work visa, who appreciate traditional values; born and
      brought up in India or in Gulf countries. Interested parties, please contact with full details. Contact: seraphnyc09@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 231/12
      January 02, 2013
      Orthodox parents settled in the US for the past 18 years seek suitable alliance for their daughter 27 years, 5.5", slim, and fair. She is in the sector and also studying for M.S. in Psychology. She is God fearing, very active in church, well mannered and has a pleasing personality. She is a US citizen, migrated to the US with her parents when she was 10 years of age. If interested, kindly respond with brief personal and professional information and recent photograph to susanjohn827@...
      Matrimonial; Code # 230/12
      November 20, 2012
      Jacobite Syrian Christian parents from central Travancore, presently settled in Kottayam invite suitable alliance for our God fearing daughter aged 24, height 162 cm. M.B.A (Marketing HR) working with Confederation of Indian Industry in Chennai. We prefer proposals from God fearing professionals of good families of Jacobite Syrian Christian working in India or abroad. The groom should be within
      the age group of 25 to 28 years and his height is 167 or above. If interested, please contact my e-mail ID: thomasdanielreji@... or call: +91 9961984809.

      Matrimonial; Code # 225/12
      7th November 2012
      US settled Jacobite Christian parents invite proposals for their daughter (Engineer, BS-non IT, 25 years , 5'5", fair, family oriented and God-fearing), well employed in Texas, from parents of God-fearing, professionally qualified boys of Jacobite/Orthodox/Marthomite denomination working in USA. She was born and bought up in Kottayam, Kerala, migrated to US with parents at the age of
      twelve and now a US Citizen. Please respond with brief personal professional info, contact information and recent photograph to: "rsaproposals@...".

      Matrimonial; Code # 224/12
      31 October, 2012
      Syrian orthodox parents settled in Ontario, Canada are looking for a suitable match for their daughter 31, 5' 7" fair complexion.She born and brought up in Ontario post graduate of Engineering currently empolyed in San-jose California.Interested parties please contact ekurian.thomas@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 218/12
      22 February, 2012
      Parents of a middle class Jacobite family from Kumarakom invite
      suitabl alliance for our GOD FEARING daughter aged 27/167. She is only one for us ; she finished M.B.B.S., and also passed USML exams. Now she is in Alleppey Med. College going to join MD at USA July 2012 onwards.

      We prefer proposals from any Christian {Medical profession}
      denominations are welcome ( except Pentacost ). The boy shouldbe within the age group 27 to 33 years his height is 168 or above.
      If interested ; please contact my e-mail ID:jeypekavalappara@...
      Mob.09446455876, 09447420216. Res.0481 2525876.

      Matrimonial; Code # 213/11
      August 02, 2011
      Jacobite Christian parents from Kottayam invite suitable alliance for our God fearing daughter aged 23, height 163 cm. B.Sc Nurse working in Madras Medical Mission Hospital, Chennai. We prefer proposals from God fearing professionals of good families working abroad. The groom should be within the age group of 25 to 28 years and his hight is 167 or above. If interested, please contact my e-mail ID: sajanm2011@... or call: (0481)9447163635.

      Matrimonial; Code # 208/11
      May 02, 2011
      Mumbai settled Jacobite Parents of middle class Jacobite family from Mumbai (Originally from Pathanamthitta) is looking for a Bride groom for their daughter of 25 years, Staff Nurse, Born and bought up in Mumbai, Slim 164 cm Height, working in Mumbai. Look forward to get proposals from Jacobite (only Jacobite) boys who are well-placed in Outside Kerala or Kerala. Contact Phone +91 9987100218
      Matrimonial; Code # 205/11
      February 06, 2011
      Parents of a well known middle class Orthodox family from Kottayam is looking for a Bride groom for their daughter of 25 years, 163 cm Height, Fair complexion, working in Bangalore as a nurse, would like to get proposals from Jacobite/ Orthodox/ Marthoma boys who are working abroad between age 26-29 years. Phone 0481 -2507486, cell 9447567610
      Matrimonial; Code # 233/13
      19 February, 2013
      Jacobite boy 27/169 cm working in Bangalore MBA hails from Kottayam
      Contact 04812566131

      Matrimonial; Code # 223/12
      11 June, 2012
      Jacobite parents well-settled in United States for the past 35 years invite suitable proposals for their son, 31 yrs/5'10. He has completed BS (Computer Eng), MS (Electrical Eng), and MBA from distinguished American universities. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Business Intelligence and working for a major aerospace company in Los Angeles, California.

      We seek a God-fearing, good-looking, well-educated professional girl
      born and raised in the United States. Interested parents may send the
      details and recent photograph to cgvarghese@... or call 562-673-3638.

      Matrimonial; Code # 220/12
      May 02, 2012
      Proposals invited for Jacobite boy 29/180 cm, M.B.A from Kottayam, currently working with a public sector banks, wealth management division (private sector)as manager invite proposals from parents of professionally qualified and employed girls in India or abroad. 0481 2505821, 9072780980.

      Matrimonial; Code # 219/12
      March 14, 2012
      Roman Catholic parents settled in Trivandrum invites proposals for their daughter 32 yrs. MCA., working as a Software Engineer in New Jersey, USA for the last 2 years. Proposals are invited from professionaly qualified boys of any Christian denomination. Interested parties please contact by e-mail sonyrajsl2003@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 216/11
      October 11, 2011
      Jacobite (Syrian Orthodox) parents invite a marriage proposal for our son 33 years old Settled in U S since 25 years. Computer Animator, 5'7" height. If interested, please contact at 847-699-7985 or 224-522-2653 E-mail: venkadath@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 215/11
      October 04, 2011
      Proposals are invited for a Jacobite Boy, M.Sc Chemistry 28'' / 173cm / 65kg. Ernakulam Dt.CSIR doing Ph.D at Pune, middleclass, seeking alliance from Jacobite or Orthodox families having Masters any preferring Chemistry with NET. Interested may contact to mvkuriakose@..., 9656789434, 09947864849

      Matrimonial; Code # 214/11
      August 09, 2011
      Jacobite parents from kottayam invite proposals for their son 28 yrs, 180 cm, slim, MBA, presently working as Bancassurance Manager related to a public sector bank in cochin.We are seeking suitable alliance from parents of bsc/msc nurses preferably. If feels interested repond with details and photograph to: marrybib@... or call @ 0481 3264055, 9495684640.

      Matrimonial; Code # 212/11
      July 12, 2011
      Suitable alliance invited for a respectable middle class boy, 36 years, 5'10" height doing business successfully. We prefer a girl working in and around Kottayam under the age group of 30-36 years with humble, simple and God fearing.

      We also welcome girls without any job but who is willing to help her
      husband for the mutual benefit of the family as a whole. Any Christian denominations are welcome except penticost. Interested person may kindly contact with full details to : e-mail: zestmatrim@... or Mobile: (0481) 9745449970 or (0481)9847915570

      Matrimonial; Code # 209/11
      June 08, 2011
      Jacobite parents from a middle class ancient family, Kottayam, settled in Qatar inviting suitable proposals for our son, 26 yrs/6'3",medium complexion, heavy weight. He has completed MBA in HR and currently working as a Recruitment Consultant in a Multinational Company in Qatar and staying with us.

      We are looking for a God fearing, Good looking, Caring,Home Loving,
      Graduate or Post Graduate (BCom, BA, BBA,MBA, ) girl( 5'5"to 5'9") as
      our daughter from a Good family (Jacobites/ Marthomites/ Malankara
      reeth/ Orthodox). Interested parents may send the details and photograph to zachariahmani@... or call 00974 55863034.

      Matrimonial; Code # 200/10
      November 13, 2010
      Parents from a well known middle class Orthodox family from
      Kottayam is looking for a girl for their son of 34 years, 169 CM Height, 68 Kg ,slim ,medium complexion ,working in Dubai, would like to get proposals from Jacobite/ Orthodox girls who are educated /Employed between age 27-33 years. Contact Mr.Vinu, Mob-9847825983, Res. 0481 2464186.
      For the full list of the matrimonial advertisement, please
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