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24601Re: Do we curse Jews during Good Friday Service? (Part III)

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  • Cherian Jacob
    Mar 12, 2013
      Dear Dr. Sinu P John

      We really appreciate your passion and commitment for educating our members
      on various subjects in bible and in our litergy people are confused. But
      the point is, what is the end result we need to produce? If, there are
      translation mistakes, this is the time to correct and move on. When we
      don't know what we are speaking, no one bothers, but when people relate and
      interpret the meaning, it is creating this negative impact. Christians'
      standing for freedom, justice and peace, so some of the hymns are not in
      line with their interpretation, and their commitment. So unless we see
      action from our church hierarchy, and make a change, these questions will
      pop again and again.

      Our young generations are living in this digital age, they will go and look
      for meaning for everthing we teach them, so it is very inportant to take
      actions in line with our beliefs. I really wish to see a drastic change to
      the text where we have all these contraversies. it is just creating a noice
      and explanation after explanation, just to prove that everything is perfect.

      Is this is what we are commited to our church and society? We have a lot to
      offer, all those possibilities are getting diluted when we are not able to
      deal with reality. If we are committed to church, our society and world
      peace, this is the time we need to re-cosider a change. Perumpallil
      Thirumay put lot of effort to make a difference in our litergy and hymns,
      it is so important that we continue doing this change, so that people will
      be able to appreciate our service, when they are participating, to worship
      our lord.

      Thank you

      Cherian Jacob
      St.Peter's Syrian Orthadox Church
      Phoenix AZ USA
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