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  • aniss sowmy
    Mar 3, 2013
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      Dear Friends,
      I take the opportunity to remember that our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, spoke the Aramaic Language, and thus, this discussion of the God-Father abandoning the Son, may be seen in a liguistical analysis as: IL, IL, LHONO XBAKTOI, or, My God (or my Lord) why for this you preserved me!

      In the same manner, if we analyse what God says to Moses, "I am who I am!" we reach almost no sense - but if we take it in the Aramaic form "AHIA ASHAR HAYA" - it means 'I am the beggining of Life!".

      Those ideas and translations are not mine but where defended by Malfono Abrohom Gabriel Sowmy, my father in his many books about the HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF THE LITERATURE OF THE ASSYRIANS - KTOBO DMARDUTHO DSURYOYE.

      Thus his analysis began in ancient times and evoluted into Christianism. Some of his books are scanned and exibited at the site www.igrejasiriansantamaria.org.br in Aramaic Language, but there is also one of them in Arabic Language.

      Best Regards.

      Aniss Ibrahim Sowmy
      Syrian Orthodox Evangelist Deacon in
      São Paulo - SP - Brazil.

      Serving actually at St. Mary Syrian Orthodox Church.