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24560Re: If Jesus was God, why would He cry out �Eli, Eli, lama sabachtha

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  • Benny - ZSS
    Mar 2, 2013
      Dear All.

      All have different views on the verses of "Ente Daivame Ente Daivame enne kaivittathu enthu". It is one of the pain he took for us that is ISOLATION. This is a great pain now sometimes we also face especially in the current world is ISOLATION�. Those of us who cannot withstand in this sometimes may opt for suicide. If those who can remember that our Lord also faced the same for us the pain of Isolation then we will not opt for suicide. We again think of living in Jesus Christ, the savior.

      Let us see whether God isolated his one and only son ? Never, we knew that God the father had risen him from DEAD and now we are living in the power of Jesus's resurrection who is now sitting in the right side of God the father.

      Id 4190