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24526Malankara World Journal Issue 126 - Focus: Great Lent Wk 3 - Sin and Healing

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  • Jacob Mathew
    Feb 20, 2013
      The Malankara World Journal Issue 126 - Focus: Great Lent Week 3 - Sin
      and Healing (Feb 21, 2013) is available online at:


      *TABLE OF CONTENTS Issue No: 126*
      Focus: Great Lent Week 3 - Sin and Healing

      1. Foreword

      An integral part of lent, in addition to prayer and fasting, is
      alms-giving. Think of these as a three legged stool. You need all the
      three. ..

      2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (Feb 24)

      Third Sunday of Great Lent (Paralytic/Palsy Sunday)

      3. Sermons for This Sunday (Feb 24)

      Sermons for the Third Sunday in Great Lent (M'shariyo / Palsy -
      Paralytic- Sunday


      4. Message for Lent by His Eminence Yeldho Mor Theethose

      May reconciliation and mutual love be the guiding principles of your
      fasting this year. ..

      5. Featured: Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

      6. Reflection on Mark 2:1-12 - This Sunday's Gospel Reading
      To us, this is one more proof that Jesus was the Son of God. If an
      average sinful human being claimed to be able to forgive sins, we would
      know he was blaspheming. But when a virgin-born, sinless,
      miracle-working person forgives someone's sins, it's just one more proof
      of what we would already suspect: God had become a man! ...

      7. A Strange Thing Jesus Said to a Paralyzed Man

      God sees things rather differently than we do. There is much to consider
      the fact that Jesus says to a paralyzed man, "your sins are forgiven." ..

      8. Defend Your Soul Against Sins

      Without realizing it, many Christians have allowed Satan to establish
      strongholds in their lives. One of the greatest hindrances to living a
      godly life is carnality, which can prevent us from praying and knowing
      the mind of God. If left unattended, carnality can build power bases of
      self-centeredness deep within our hearts and minds. ...

      9. Captive No More

      Sin is a horrible master, and it finds a willing servant in the human
      body. Sin wants to dominate you, but the good news is that as a
      Christian, you don't have to be dominated by sin any longer. ...

      10. How Spiritual Are You? - Restoration From Sin

      To be "caught in any transgression" can mean to fall suddenly into sin,
      like stepping into a bear trap. We didn't mean to get angry, but got
      into an emotional discussion and next thing lashed out in anger. We
      didn't intend to lust, then an image presented itself, and we gave into
      it. ...

      11. Should I Fight or Be Still?

      We must fight to keep righteousness in our own lives, refusing choices
      which lead to sin and death. We must fight for love, which means making
      really hard choices and overcoming our natural selfish inclinations. We
      must fight for endurance, keeping promises, covenants, and our integrity
      in a way worthy of Christ Jesus. Sometimes God calls us to fight, and
      sometimes he tells us to be still. How can we decipher it? ...

      12. Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

      Great Lent is the time for personal reflection, meditation,
      reconciliation, and prayer. Malankara World has a great resource
      that helps you accomplish that. We provide you daily reflections,
      meditations, prayer, bible readings etc. If you had been with us
      last year, you will find that this year's offering has expanded.
      Read the articles about how to practice lent. Then do the reading
      for the day specified. We will guide you week by week. You can find
      the resources here.

      Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

      Daily Reflections - Bible Readings, reflections and prayers for each
      day of the week: Week 3 of Great Lent

      13. Health: Five Grocery Staples for Youth & Vitality

      "When people shop on the go, they tend to gravitate toward old standbys
      and foods they can multipurpose with - usually not the most nutritious
      choices possible. But by substituting a few items on your list, you can
      not only look and feel more youthful, you'll boost your resistance to
      certain cancers and other illnesses." ...

      14. Recipe: Warm and Spicy Salad

      A hot favorite from Thailand for your lenten taste buds.

      15. Family Special: Wives, Words can Captivate Your Man

      Want a happy marriage with a dream husband? Here are some tips...

      16. Humor: The Pastor's Wife

      17. About Malankara World


      Read all the articles and features in this week's Malankara World
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