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24446Why is our Church leadership lathargic ?? Where is the much hyped Media cell ??

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  • manoj
    Jan 25, 2013
      Our Church leadership has been proving time and again that it has no backbone. Few incidents which happened since yesterday..

      1. Kunnamkulam Catholicose enterd the Kabarmuri and the whole drama was videotaped by MOTV and given high publicity. Clear violation of the court verdict ( we were shammed by the Judge for doing this last year ). Our Church leadership seem to be sleeping.. The much publicized media cell seem to be dreaming.... Not even a statement from our side..

      2. H B was insulted by the Police & the government machinery while entering the Seminary premises. Not a word from the Church leadership nor the media cell.

      3. The below video shows how Mor Athanasius Elias was forced to remove the black robe and humiliated in public view.. Our church leadership & media cell has no issues. They are continuing to sleep.


      I think it is high time we ask the church leadership for accountability and answers. The Church leaderships lethargic attitude will destroy this church. The truth is on our side.. We are the persecuted and humiliated ones.. Our churches are being closed down and our people are being beaten up. We are the victims.. Yet, the methran kakshis have been successful in painting us as the culprits through the media.. They have been successful in making our own people into believing what they are propagating.. Our own people have started to consider Jacobites to be the villains everywhere.

      Still the back bone less leadership & media cell is continuing to sleep.

      Will someone take this cry to our Church leadership ?? Please ??

      With lots of pain, hurt & humiliation..
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