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24412Re: Humility is a virtue

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  • dhinuus
    Jan 14, 2013
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      It also has to do with our practice of ordaining priests. H.H Peter IV had clearly said; we should not ordain un-married men who are not monks as priest. In other words before a person is ordained a priest; he should do one or the other:

      1) Join a Dayara (monastery) and be tonsured a monk
      2) Get married

      However we have a third category of priests in Malankara. We have unmarried priests who are not affiliated to any monastery and is not living as a monk. Then when that person is elected as a Bishop we quickly tonsure them as a monk and then ordain them a Bishop.

      So the reality is that those Bishops have never spent any time as a monk; and you cannot expect them to all of a sudden start living as monks.

      There is a reason why we have a tradition of selecting Bishops from among monks. But when we bypass that by selecting unmarried priests who are NOT monks and make them monks for a week and then ordain them a Bishop and expect them to act like monks; its not going to happen.

      So let's pray and act for a strong monastery (Dayro) movement and for more monks like Father Phinephas Ramban of Malekkurishu Dayra; and for men like those to be elevated to be Bishops.

      Mathew G M
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