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  • Sony
    Jan 8, 2013
      I completely agree with Dr. Thomas. A few humble suggestions are:

      Internet recordings - The Holy Church should take efforts to make available the different songs/tunes of the perunnal susrusha kramam on the internet and inform parish churches of the same. Many parishes are not even aware of the extended Beth Gazo recordings by L.L. Partiarch Mor Ignatius Yacub III. Eventhough these tunes slightly differ from the tunes used in Malankara, they are still valid. Also efforts should be undertaken to have a Malankara version of the Beth Gazo recordings.

      Deacon Rotation - Due to lack of deacons, it would be ideal that a certain number of deacons who are well versed with the Ekkara/Beth Gazo visit parishes on a rotational basis to train the choir and altar boys on the perunnal susrusha kramam. A humble suggestion is that this should be enforced by the respective diocesan metropolitans.

      Sony John George

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, "drthomas_joseph" wrote:
      > Vineeth -
      > I have witnessed clergy and altar boys in many parishes struggling with Christmas services. The canonical hours and the order of yaldo (from Ma`de`dono, The Book of Feasts) have numerous hymns which are set to melodies in the Beth Gazo (Ekkara) unfamiliar to the current generation in Malankara. Without preparation, improvisation on the fly becomes necessary often with very unpleasant results.
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