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24347Re: Perunal Srusrusha

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  • dhinuus
    Dec 26, 2012
      Dear Vineeth,

      I have a humble suggestion on improving this.

      First of all in our Syriac Orthodox Worship hymns we are only allowed to chant and not use any kind of musical instruments. But is that what is happening now a days; we have very loud beats blasting out from an electronic key board. Sometimes when you hear the beats you are not sure if the song is going to be the latest Bollywood or Malluwood song. The unfortunate thing is that this happens in divine liturgies where even our Bishops and Catholicose is the chief celebrant and they dont say a word. I wonder; is it because they don't care or is it because they don't have the courage to admonish.

      Second, at the initiative of the MSOT Seminary at Udayagiri or some other Dyara all the liturgical hymns should be recorded in its true tones; without any beats or musical insturments. These hymns should then be made available on the web for anyone to download and use freely. The church should even consider starting a formal Youtube channel and upload these hymns sung in the proper tune without any musical instruments to that formal channel. Then these hymns online will be a good reference material for altar boys, deacons, choir leaders and lay men.

      These are just my thoughts..

      Mathew G M
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