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24282Experiences During the Divine Liturgy

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  • Mark Sedrak
    Dec 6, 2012
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      The Church's sermon which is based on peace is perceived differently by people
      who live in sin and corruption and therefore ask an external kind of peace
      without fear, danger, famine, misfortune, disturbances, revolution, and wart
      g with media chants such as: 'Make love not war.' They wish to live without God,
      without the Church and its Mysteries, without the Gospel, without God's Laws.
      They want peace without any rules and prohibitions. They want peace without any
      ethical barriers. They want the peace of a consumer society as well as that of
      material and sensual pleasures. They want a kind of peace that does not have the
      pain of virtue. However, this kind of peace first and foremost is not acceptable
      to God, furthermore, it is not the one that the faithful Christian asks for
      during the Divine Liturgy, when the priest says 'for the peace from above... let
      us pray to the Lord.'

      Those who honestly believe and repent and also present all the guilt and sin
      before Christ's feet on the Cross, before the spiritual father's stole, depart
      confession in peace. In peace which 'passeth all understanding,' a peace that is
      incomprehensible. It can neither be measured nor described.

      Protopresbyter Stephanos K Anagnostopoulos, Experiences During the Divine