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24262Re: Samadhanasnehi and his hallucinations

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  • sabu alias
    Nov 29, 2012
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      Hats off you for reading that lie forum.I stopped its subscription years before. MOC ,sorry Vattassery church is moving on the wrong track and they will continue that. I wonder when the Vattassery church youngstres ask their fathers the same quetion "What will I get in return for my love towards you"?. Your mind will be calm if you stop listening to them. Ignore them .Craps, who tries to built a church for material benifits. The first man to suffer from this materialism is Vattasrry metran himself. His book has been modified by these people (Madopadesa Sarangal). So better pray for this group rather listening to their idiotic comments. All actions of MOC can be predicted  . Check the prophecy of Mor Kuiakose Thirumeni about  bringing Dalailama. 
      Paul Alias
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