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242Re: British Library Syriac MSS

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  • thomas_pa1
    Jan 21, 2002
      But now you
      > have taken up the new indian orthodox identity.
      > Which you yourself feel is not the real one.Step
      > Father cannot be the real father.
      > So ddonot fight this false fight you get hurt.
      > What we were taught by our fathers are to be believed
      > and accepted.There is nothing better outside.We are
      > thomas,mathais,kuriakose etc from the day xtians are
      > in Kerala.I donot want bto change names.
      > Regards

      Names like Oommen, Chacko, etc. are pure Indian names.
      We started using English first names only after
      CMS missionaries in India. Before this we used names
      like Chandy, Itty, Kochummen, chacko etc. You will not
      find such names in any other part of the world. Regarding
      ancestry, it is well written in my family history (the Pakalomattom
      one) that our ancestor was an Indian Brahmin. So there
      is no confusion here.

      But, in Orthodox confession, ethnicity is not important.
      This means equal importance to all ethnicities without
      reecting one's own God given identity. Our Indian identity
      is God given and hence blessed. We remember Coptic fathers
      like St. Cyril, St. Diascoros, not because of their Coptic
      ethincity, but because of their faith.

      There is no mixed emotions or confusion here. My confusion
      is about the way chevaliers's behaved to me in Kerala.
      As a young man, I am too worried about these chevaliers'
      splitting Malankara church for personal gains and destroying
      their real identiy. Knanaya is now going away based on their
      Syrian identity.

      Pray and work for unity based on Orthodox confession. One Malankara
      Synod is better than numerous divisions. I want all relatives to be
      under one Holy Synod. This will bring lots of peace in family

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