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24102Re: Facts about the establishment of Catholicate of east

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  • Dr. Leena Mathew
    Oct 15, 2012
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      Dear all,
      I would like to write little about the universal synod of 1975.
      The Universal Synod of the Syrian Orthodox Church was held at the Patriarchate, Damascus from 16th to 20th June 1975. The Synod was presided over by His Holiness. The following Metropolitans attended the Synod.

      Mar. Kuriakose Osthatheos
      Mar.Geevarghese Dionysius
      Mar.Koorilos Yakoob
      Mar.Dioscoros Luka
      Mar.Clemis Abraham
      Mar.Militus Burnaba
      Mar.Severios Zacha
      Mar.Athanasius Aprem
      Mar.Thimotheos Aprem
      Mar.Athanasius Paulose
      Mar.Dionysius Thomas
      Mar.Coorilos Kuriakose
      Mar.Severios Hawa
      Mar.Greegorious Geevarghese
      Mar. Greegorious Sleeba.

      After praying for the Holy Spirit to act upon the Synod, the synod discussed all the matters in Holy Father's invitation Kalpana number 16/75 which was sent to Catholicose and to all the Metropolitans on 11-1-1975. The Holy Synod appreciated and thanked Holy Father for all His work and sufferings to bring everlasting peace in Malankara. In the light of correspondence and other relevant records the Synod found that :-

      1. The Catholicose and the metropolitans of catholica fraction did not attend the Synod, disregarding the Patriarch's invitation on the plea that the Patriarch had no right to interfere in the matters of the Malankara Chuch.

      2. The Catholicose claims that he is seated on the `Throne' of St. Thomas.

      3. The name of Patriarch was removed from the Amologia.

      4. The Catholicos objected to the powers of the Patriarch and His rightful dignity as the Supreme Head of the Malankara church.

      5. The Catholicose did not accept the metropolitans consecrated by the Patriarch for Malankara church.

      6. Since the first centaury The Syrian Orthodox Church in India was under the Supreme leadership of The Patriarch of Antioch and all the East for all her spiritual needs. St. Thomas hasn't established any throne. Holy Father consecrated Augen 1 under the Apostolic Throne of St. Peter in Antioch. So all the above claims of Catholicos are invalid.

      The Apostolic Throne of St. Peter in Antioch, where the Patriarch of Antioch is seated is the only Apostolic Throne of universal Syrian Orthodox church. The Syrian church in India is part and parcel of this universal Syrian church from first centaury onwards. A priest declares his obedience and dependence ( keeshvashakkam) to the Patriarch of Antioch in his ordination. The church teaches that if anyone go against this declaration, he will be excommunicated from the church. Since Catholicose had removed the name of Patriarch from the amalogia and disregarded Holy Father's position as the head of the church, the Holy Synod view that the catholicose had separated himself from the Holy Faith, canons and the Hierarchical set up of the church. It was wrong that he did not receive the metropolitans whom Patriarch consecrated for Syrian Orthodox church in India as per the request of the church members of India. Holy Synod announced that as the Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox church Patriarch can consecrate metropolitans for any diocese in the world. The person who questions that power should be excommunicated from the church. Since the Catholicose has done all the above mistakes he had separated himself from the Holy Faith, canons and the Hierarchical set up of the church. Hence he has forfeited all rights as Catholicose and Metropolitan of Malankara and also that all who co- operate with him in his revolt against Patriarch were cut off from the communion of the Holy Church. The Holy Synod accordingly prayed the Holy Father, to inform the whole church and all whom it may concern, the decrees of the Holy Synod and be pleased to take necessary action in the matter.

      The final session discussed matters regarding the Malankara church and took necessary action.

      With Prayers,
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