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24084Re: Question on Baptism of John the Baptist

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  • Dr. Sinu P. John
    Oct 12, 2012
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      Dear Brother in Jesus Christ,
      <<<<<<<<<The whole article can be summarized in the words of St Isaac the Syrian (this is the father whom we commemorate in the 5th Thubden..Mor Apremum, Mor Yakkobum, MOR ISAHAKKUM, Mor Balai-yum'>>>>>>>>

      St. Isaac the Syrian, popularly known among the Byzantine Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church, is not the same as the St. Ishaq (Isaac) we remember in the 5th Thubden (Diptych). The St. Ishaq we remember in 5th thubden lived in the 5th century (I believe, died around AD 460-490?). A lot of his writings are lost but some are preserved. Whereas St. Isaac the Syrian, who is more popular among the Byzantine Orthodox church and Roman Catholic Church, whose homilies (a lot of them) were translated into Greek, Latin and now into English and published from the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Brookline near Boston, lived in the 7th century. I am not sure where you quoted the homilies from, but it sounds more similar to the writings of St. Isaac the Syrian who lived in the 7th century (Also known as St. Isaac of Nineveh). If that is the case, this is not the same St. Isaac we remember in the 5th Thubden. Dr. Sebastian Brock has also translated, from Syriac to English, some of the writings of St. Isaac the Syrian (7th century). V.Rev. Dr. Kuriakose Moolayil corepiscopa had written an interpretation on H. Qurbono and V. Rev. Dr. Mani Rajan corepiscopa had written on the life history of most of the fathers of the church and they will be able to verify this.

      With prayers,

      Sinu P. John, PhD
      Boston, USA
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