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24083Re: Facts about the establishment of Catholicate of east

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  • Mathew G M
    Oct 11 11:10 AM
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      Dear Dr.Leena,
      If what you have stated is true, then that should be the main reason cited for the excommunication of 1973.
      1) Confession infront of a Priest was deemed unnecessary
      2) Any number of new sacraments can be instituted

      These two are serious issues. I hope documentation (copies of letters, kalpana's, old seminary syllabus etc) can be posted online to dispel doubts.

      The reason often given for the 1973 excommunication sounded very lame. The reasons I have heard are:
      1) The Catholicose used a decorative title 'See of St.Thomas'
      2) The Catholicose used red ink pen.

      These two always sounded very lame excuses. But the two reasons you have listed are much more serious.

      Mathew G M
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