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24062Re: Question on Baptism of John the Baptist

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  • Benny
    Oct 8 1:04 AM
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      Dear Brother in Christ ( Dr.Sinu)

      Many thanks for the detailed explanation on my query.. God had given
      abundance of wisdom to you. Hope you would spread this gospel to all in your possible way to enhance the spiritual need of all of us.

      I would prefer to point few aspects on this to all and for self

      As you have mentioned, true confession and repentance are the remedy for the sins of (A) followed by H.Qurbono . If in case if there is no true confession and repentance, what will happen to that person if he is taking H.Qurbono. Is he will walk in to the darkness as Judas did after taking last supper. The general view of Christianity all over the world especially in our state (kerala) are drunkards. Shall we claim ourselves as born again status as Jesus Christ advised to Nicodomus. If we are born again as a new person our character would
      have been changed. But we can see very few are having the character of
      born again with Holy spirit. ( some people prefer to think that this is PENTACOST teachings i/o of listening to Jesus Christ's verses).

      Also in Jordan river, there were two baptism happened to Jesus Christ, one by water and the other by Holy Spirit by God the father. Since Jesus Christ born to the world as son of God ,there would be some purpose with another babtizm with Holy Spirit. It reflects that it is the plan and project of God the father and as such it may happen to anybody during the life span as and when God wish to do so.

      My perception, is even though Holy Spirit is present in us , God the
      father may shower the love thru Jesus Christ as grace and will be
      fulfilled by Holy Spirit. It can be like a flow of water.

      Let us see our celebrations, Liquor is one of the main thing. Now
      days, in all occasions of wedding day or funeral day ... are completed with serving liquor.

      We try to keep the TREE OF LIFE in the boundary and keeping our money, share, power, etc as the center of life.

      Nobody is having time to spread gospel and all are very much fond of
      materialistic earthly things including me. Some of us are part of real estate mafias thinks that God had given wealth to them. Thus our center of life would be Real estate business by keeping God, the Tree of life in the boundary. In simple term , we are not ready for true confessions or repentence.

      As per Holy Bible, Holy spirit will teach us everything including SIN, JUDGEMENT, RIGHTOUSNESS, but the question is whether are we ready to listen to that.

      Once the angry of God arouse, then that fire may ignite in our soul
      which nobody can put off. The fire of Hell.

      I may be wrong, but I am expressing my view .

      ID 4190
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