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24056Re: Facts about the establishment of Catholicate of east

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  • Dr. Leena Mathew
    Oct 7, 2012
      Mr. Mathew G.M.,
      Reasons for excommunication of Augen 1:-
      The following points are against the faith of the Syriac Orthodox Church which Augen and Devalogam tried to establish.

      1. Establishing the throne of St. Thomas.

      2. Catholicoe is the supreme head of Malankara Syriac Church not H.H.Patriarch and the Malankara Syriac Church is Autocephalous.
      3. Changing the syllabus of Seminary education.
          a) No need to confess to priest. Believers can confess direct to Jesus either personally or as a group.

          b) The Church belief that the Holy Baptism is for the relief of birth sin is wrong.

          c) Limiting the Holy sacraments to 7 is wrong.
      4. Affiliating the Seminary to a protestant university named Seraboor University.

      5. Rejecting the authority of H.H.Patriarch over Malankara Church thus
      separating Malankara Church from the Holy See of Antioch.

      More over St. Mark was consecrated and sent to Alexandria and he ordained priests and Bishops whereas there is no record of St. Thomas ordaining any priests.

      With Prayers,
      Dr. Leena.
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