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24020Today with Jesus

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  • Rev. Fr. Paulose V V
    Oct 1, 2012
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      Today with Jesus

      “Seek first the kingdom of God.” (Mathew 6:33)

      Steps to finding spirituality for a self-confessed “Total Atheist,” Fernando Moleres.

      The essence of
      human life is spirituality. Apparently, we are all spiritual but
      deface it by our disconnected contact to Jesus, the true vine. “I am the true
      vine…Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by
      itself; it must remain on the vine” - (John 15:1,4). Giving our undivided
      attention to God is a way to being spiritual. This way leads us to
      Jesus and spirituality. The way of the consumerist and ego-obsessed
      culture of Christians repel the fellow beings away from Jesus and His
      spirit. Monasticism in its true spirit attracts us to God, keeps us happy
      and helps us to lead a meaningful life. Prayer, fasting, silence,
      vigils, reading and good works are all part of the solitary way to seek
      God. Celibates, Oblates, opus-Deis, listeners follow this way to
      Jesus at their own pace. Atheism is a fast spreading religion of the
      modern world and this can be stalled by the living Christian in

      Why did the
      self-confessed “Total Atheist” Fernando Moleres, the paparazzi spend more than 3 years travelling the world to capture images of
      faith? “I was looking for
      spirituality, which is not the same thing as religion,” says Moleres. “and it
      was a moment in my personal life when I needed space and time to reflect.” So,
      off he went to places where faith still burns like a candle in the night
      of what he sees as an increasingly consumerist and ego-obsessed
      society. He was drawn in particular to monastic communities and
      others who opt to live apart from the world. Among the things that
      interested him was the way the monastic communities actually live. “They
      are only collective and deliberately go against the modern consumerist
      current,” he says. A typical smaller monastery will consume hardly anything.
      Was he altered by following the footsteps of the faithful? He was struck, he
      says, by their simplicity and self-effacement. Eastern devotion seems to
      resonate more with him than Western; the pursuit of a still centre
      within our self, rather than the search of God. He says that if you are
      confused, you are no good to the people around you. To help others, you
      must first help yourself.


      Prayer: Jesus, let us be spiritual in all ways of our lives. Let us be
      simple and selfless. Let us be witness for you in wedded or celibate lives. Let
      us seek spirituality within ourselves which you have planted in the Holy
      Spirit. Help us to be away from consumerism and ego centrist way of modern
      life. We pray for all the atheists who are in seek of faith and spirituality
      like Moleres. All we ask in the
      name of Jesus. Amen.

      Paulose Achen
      Tuesday 2 October 2012
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